November 27, 2014

Integrating Thought & Form


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Chan Quan and Meditation

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Jun 26, 2003

"Sifu, I hear you teach meditation in your classes. What's so special about practicing meditation? Meditation is important no matter what we are getting ready to do, what we may be in the midst of doing, or what we may have just finished doing. It's the same attitude that we maintain... Read more

Chan Quan - Part 4

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Jan 23, 2003

The fourth and last part of the program is the mental and spiritual training. The practitioner learns how to properly focus his mind and to bring his thoughts and emotions under control. He learns how to cultivate and visualize his spiritual energy called Chi (Qi, Ki). Chi is the vital... Read more

Chan Quan - Part 3

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Nov 12, 2002

The third part is the physical and spiritual training. This is where the practitioner learns how to humble himself before his practice and to perform his movements in a meditative manner. He also learns a sitting meditation practice. Where there is a clear, relaxed, healthy and strong body there is... Read more

Chan Quan - Part 2

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Jun 13, 2002

Martial arts are very much like this: “Water is dependent on the environment with which it flows to dictate its movements.” This saying is not limited to just the martial arts, but to life in general as well. The first part of the first stage involves physical training. This training consists... Read more

Chan Quan, Part 1

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published May 07, 2002

"Sifu, could you explain what Chan Quan is exactly? What are the elements that separate it from all other martial arts?" Answering these questions will take a bit more explaining than I have previously given. At the outset it's important to understand that Chan Quan - "True Chan Quan" - cannot... Read more

The Vertical Ascent

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Dec 27, 2001

"Sifu, I know many fellow students who are extremely advanced technically, but our Sifu doesn't seem to consider them "master" material. How long does it take to become a Sifu?"IChing: Hexagram #46: Sheng or Pushing Upward (K'un over Sun) - The receptive over the gentle: Earth over wind and wood.Wood grows as... Read more

Chan Quan and Wu Shu Styles

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Dec 24, 2001

"Sifu could you give us a comparison between the Chan Quan and Wu Shu styles?” First I'd like to clarify that the Wu Shu (Chinese Martial Arts/sport) of Shaolin is considered by the monks of Shao Lin Ji (Shao Lin Monastery) to be Chan Quan. The Wu Shu the public learns... Read more

Common Misconceptions

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Dec 24, 2001

"A Black belt who has studied martial arts for six to ten years is by far a better martial artist than a person who has studied only half that time."Anyone who understands the essence of the martial arts must disagree with this statement. Many factors need to be considered. For example,... Read more

Fist of Chan

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Nov 24, 2001

"Sifu, what is there about the Chan Quan style that makes it unique?""When the sun comes up, I get up. When night falls and I get sleepy, I get ready for bed. ""huh?"Chan Quan is a combination of Chan Buddhism and Quan, the 'fist' of the martial arts. Most other... Read more

Of Tigers and Men

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Oct 10, 2001

"Sifu, what about taking a person's life? Is it ever justifiable, if so, when?"It is in our nature to do what we need to do in order to survive.Consider the situation: Someone, without provocation or perhaps merely as an over-reaction to what he regards as an insult or threat, approaches... Read more

Turning Point

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Jul 25, 2001

"Sifu, today at work a guy asked me how my martial arts awareness skills were. I told him that they were pretty good. So he swung at me. But I immediately knew that at his distance he would not be able to hit me. I didn't do anything but lean... Read more

The Old Fox

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Jun 03, 2001

"Sifu, I’ve heard about a few incidents lately in which young adults were beaten to death by a gang of people. Do you think that any amount of martial arts instruction would have been sufficient to save the victims' lives?"“That is quite a question! I’d have to say that no... Read more


by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Mar 30, 2001

"Sifu, why do all martial arts teachers tell their students that they shouldn't fight? Isn't fighting what the martial arts is all about?" I Ching : #60 Chieh: Limitation ( K'an - The abysmal, over Tui - The Joyous. Water over Lake. A lake is a body of water that has... Read more

Youthful Folly

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Mar 01, 2001

"Sifu, since Halloween last October, a few guys, a couple grades ahead of me in school, have been confronting me, wanting me to fight them. I'm thinking about quitting my martial arts training because of it.""Why? What happened?""For Halloween we had a dance at school, dressed up as a Ninja.... Read more

The Power of the Great

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Feb 01, 2001

"Sifu, anyone can perform the motions of combat, but what is needed to execute techniques in accordance with Zen Principles?" I Ching: Hexagram #34: Ta Chuang, The Power of the Great (Chen over Ch’ien) – The Arousing over the Creative: Thunder over Heaven, we may be able to shed some light... Read more


by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Jan 31, 2001

"Sifu, I don’t like to spar with the bigger students in class. How can I ever expect to win?”I Ching: Hexagram #25: Wu Wang: Innocence (The Unexpected)We see here The Creative, Heaven over The Arousing, Thunder. Ch'ien over Chen. According to The Judgment: Innocence. Supreme success. Perseverance furthers. If someone is... Read more

Husband and Wife

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Nov 05, 2000

"Sifu, is it possible to learn the martial arts as a philosophy and meditation exercise and not as a fighting system?"I Ching: Hexagram #54: Chen over Tui - The arousing, thunder over the joyous, lake According to Hexagram #54, Kuei Mei / The Marrying Maiden, "The man leads and the... Read more

Union of Mind and Body

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Nov 05, 2000

"Sifu, why is it so important to practice meditation and breathing exercises?"I Ching: Hexagram #8: K'an over K'un - Water over Earth. According to The Judgment of Hexagram #8, Pi / Holding Together [Union]:"...possess sublimity, constancy, and perseverance; then there is no blame. Those who are uncertain gradually join. Whoever comes... Read more

Preponderance of the Great

by Chuan Yin, OHY

Published Oct 26, 2000

"Sifu, I have a problem practicing the forms I learn in class when I am at home. The forms require more space than I have available, but even when I push furniture around to practice them I make more noise than my family will tolerate. What would you suggest?"Hexagram #28... Read more