November 22, 2014

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Navajo Prayer


Published Sep 04, 2014

I walk with beauty before me I walk with beauty behind me I walk with beauty to the left of me I walk with beauty to the right of me I walk with beauty below me I walk with beauty above me I walk with beauty around me        -- Navajo Prayer Read more

A Single Thought

by Peadar Graham

Published Mar 21, 2014

A single thought ...You notice it, you embellish it,It becomes a story, lost in it now,It’s an epic. Feature film length,2 minutes later, you can’t even remember it!! The power of nonsense is hypnotic,Full of wonder, intrigue, paranoia..Thoughts feeding of each other,Jumping, spinning, like sparks from a grinders wheel, When the... Read more

Poetry Selections: Emily Dickinson

by Emily Dickinson

Published Jan 09, 2014

Exultation is the going of an inland soul to the sea Past houses – past headlands– Into deep Eternity. ‘Tis little I – could care for pearls Who own the ample sea – Of Periods of seas – Unvisited of Shores Themselves the Verge... Read more

Song of the Passionate Lover

by a Yokut Native American

Published Dec 29, 2013

A poem from the Yokut Native American tribe residing in the Central Valley of California Come not near my songs,You who are not my lover,Lest from out that ambushLeaps my heart upon you! When my songs are glowingAs an almond thicketWith the bloom upon it,Lies my heart in ambushAll amid my singing;Come... Read more

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